Rate & Charges

Our Firm generally charges on a time basis. The charges are based on the experience of the particular Attorney attending the matter. The basic rate is subject to variation depending on the nature and complexity of the matter. Further, at the beginning of each financial year, in February, we reserve the rightto review our rates. For purposes of Conveyancing, there is a Law Society tariff which all Legal Practitioners must abide by. The said tariff is annexed hereto and all charges are determined by it.

In common with all legal practitioners in Botswana, in all debt collection matters, we usually charge a 10% collection commission on all monies collected on your behalf or received by you as a result of any action. We shall try to recover this collection commission from the debtor but this is only likely where debtor requests terms of repayment.

Our time charges for each Attorney are as follows:

# Attorney Rate/ Charge
1 Principal Partner Ranges from P900 - P1500 per hour
2 Senior Associate Ranges from P600 - P850 per hour
3 Associate Ranges from P350 - P500 per hour
4 Pupil Attorney Ranges from P350 - P450 per hour